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What are the R&D tax credit costs?

Endeavor Advisors provides a turnkey solution for claiming the R&D credit. This includes qualifying, quantifying (calculating), optimizing, and reporting on every dollar and cent of R&D credits claimed. We have decades of experience in specializing solely in R&D credits across all states and qualifying industries. Our fee structure is based on the amount of credits claimed by a taxpayer. We tailor our process to your specific internal systems of conducting R&D and documenting qualifying activities. Even if taxpayers do not keep a dedicated tracking system for R&D expenses, the IRS allows for reasonable estimates to be made based on emails, internal meeting notes, and personal notes and logs of key personnel. As such, the R&D credit process is accommodating, and must be approached on a case-by-case basis depending on the taxpayer, industry, and financial situation of each client. We tailor our fee structure according to the complexity of each client, and are often able to implement a declining fee structure for multiple year clients, which is novel in our industry. We can determine with one preliminary phone call what your potential credit benefits will be, an quote the costs of our services based on the information gathered during that call. Please reach out to us for a free initial consultation, which typically takes roughly 25 minutes of your time.

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