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What is a R&D Tax Credit?

6/24/24 – Steven Jefferies

In 1981 Congress passed a law to launch U.S. businesses forward into global competition and innovation. Today, the Research & Development tax credit is stronger than ever.

The R&D tax credit is a strategic dollar-for-dollar reduction in a U.S. taxpayer’s tax bill that is often available for business that operate in states that recognize the tax credit. The amount of the R&D tax credit is based on the taxpayer’s annual qualified R&D spend. You can generate a R&D tax incurring wage, supply, and contractor expenses each year. The R&D credit allows for you to recoup roughly 10% of your annual R&D spend. These research and development tax credits can be used on your prior 3 years of tax returns, and R&D credit carry forwards can be used up to 20 years into the future as well. They can be very beneficial for businesses that have R&D activities by substantially helping to offset the costs.

Endeavor Advisors possesses the industry knowledge, accounting experience, and legal expertise necessary to provide you with a user-friendly solution for R&D credit analysis.

How Endeavor can File Your Research and Development Tax Credit

Endeavor Advisors R&D tax credit firm was founded by partners that have extensive experience in the research and development space. We are a turnkey R&D specialist – we walk you through from an initial qualification call & credit estimate, all the way through to quantifying your R&D credit, providing pro-forma forms for you federal and state filings, and ultimately complete your R&D study with a comprehensive Final Report documenting each step of the process.

Often times, business owners approach us for guidance on filing corporate R&D tax credits or Employee Retention Credits (ERC) that they were previously claiming in house. Nine times out of ten, Endeavor R&D Tax Credit Advisors finds that taxpayers are under-claiming credits. In addition, their credits are often under-substantiated and documented. For these reasons, it is imperative to consult with an R&D expert to ensure that your R&D study process is held to an appropriate standard of excellence.

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Which states qualify for R&D tax credits?

Currently 38 states qualify for R&D tax credits while 12 states do not. Check to see if your state qualifies.

State R&D Tax Credits


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