In 1981 Congress passed a law to launch U.S. businesses forward into global competition and innovation. Today, the Research & Development tax credit is stronger than ever.

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The tech industry is the latest hotbed for R&D credits. App development, ad tech, and systems integration make this industry one of the most lucrative in R&D. 


As an industry of design and creation, architecture and engineering firms can generate healthy R&D credits to help offset their design and innovation costs.


Precision manufacturing, CNC, metalforming, injection molding, and prototyping activity make the manufacturing industry a long-time fit for the R&D credit. 


Aging, fermenting, and farming techniques create a fertile basis for R&D credits in modern winemaking. Winemakers across the country are enjoying the benefits of R&D credits.

Agriculture & Food Science

With the development of new strains, lighting & irrigation techniques, and genetic modification, the agriculture industry lends itself well to R&D credits.      

Brewing & Distilling

The popularity of craft brewing and distilling have catalyzed a groundswell of R&D activity in the industry, and a growing number of producers are capitalizing on R&D credits today.

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