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Analytic Research Laboratories R&D Tax Credits

Analytic research laboratories are usually treated as subcontractors for tax purposes. That is because they carry out various operations for other industries, such as material analysis and chemical testing. However, that doesn’t mean your lab doesn’t qualify for any state or federal R&D tax credit. On the contrary, if you are developing new ways to identify a specific analyte or component, you can offset a portion of those costs.

The Analytic Research Laboratories R&D tax credit usually covers a maximum of 22% of qualified expenses. Still, the exact amount changes according to individual state regulations.

Qualifying Costs and Activities

If you have specific industry-related employees or subcontractors on your payroll, your firm may be eligible for the Analytic Research Laboratories research and development tax credit. These include research scientists, analytical scientists and chemists, QA and QC personnel, C-suite, operations managers, chemical and materials engineers, laboratory technicians, and formulation scientists. In addition, QREs also cover supplies and materials.

Furthermore, qualifying activities your lab should conduct to claim the benefit are:

  • Developing new methods for bioequivalence, bioavailability, and pharmacokinetic research;

  • Creating and defining novel reference standards;

  • Adapting assays (for instance, determinations, purity, and potency);

  • Designing in vitro activity tests for small peptide and molecule therapeutics;

  • Overcoming problems in analysis and formulation;

  • Incorporating robots or automation.

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What kind of companies can apply?

Analytic research laboratories that conduct qualifying research activities.

What data do I need to calculate credit?

Claim period gross receipts.

What information do I need to provide?

General ledger expense detail, payroll records, project notes, project lists, emails, purchase orders, and other documents regarding QREs for the claiming period.

Is credit carryforward an option?

Yes, up to twenty years.

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