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When can you Claim R&D Tax Credit?

Taxpayers can claim R&D credits at any time before filing taxes, and can even claim credits retroactively to file for refunds on their previous three years of tax returns. In current tax years, it is important to start the R&D study process well before filing deadlines to ensure that the Form 6765 is completed and substantiated in time for filing deadlines. The R&D tax credit process typically takes a few hours of correspondence between Endeavor Advisors and its clients in order to identify qualifying activity and personnel. Once we exchange preliminary financial information and conduct an initial teleconference, the majority of the leg work is on the Endeavor Advisors team to produce pro-forma forms for filing, and the final report to tie all of the work together and substantiate the credit claim. All in all, Endeavor Advisors can usually complete a R&D study from beginning to end in roughly one month.

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