The tech space is one of the richest industries in terms of R&D credit generation in recent years. The following activities can qualify for R&D credits:

- Writing Source Code

- Developing Software Architecture and Infrastructure

- Beta Testing

- Developing Firmware

- Improvement of Existing Features & Functionality


These are case studies that exemplify how the R&D credit can add value to tech companies:


E-Commerce Website

Revenue $30mm

Federal Credit $225k

Qualifying Activities: Coding, Optimization of features and functions, QA

Qualifying Personnel: Project Managers, Developers, Software Engineers, CTO


Systems Integrator

Revenue $10mm

Federal & State Credits $140k

Qualifying Activities: Development of Software Interfaces, Optimization of System Communication Through Software and Hardware Nodes, Software Development, QA

Qualifying Personnel: Network Engineers, Project Managers, Sys Admins, Developers


App Developer

Revenue $3mm

Federal Credit $65k

Qualifying Activities: Coding, Evaluation/Testing of Alternative Features, QA

Qualifying Personnel: Project Managers, Engineers, Developers

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