Whether it is fabrication, ship building, precision manufacturing, or a job shop, the manufacturing industry is a perfect fit for Research & Development credits since its inception in the 1980s. Commonly qualifying R&D activities include:

- Prototyping

- Use of CNC Machining

- Designing with CAD

- Injection Molding

- Programming Logic Controls

- Custom Fabrication

These are case studies that exemplify how the R&D credit can add value to manufacturing companies:


Contract Manufacturer

Revenue $80mm

Credit $900k

Qualifying Activities: Metalforming, CAD design, Programming Logic Controls and CNC

Qualifying Personnel: Floor Managers, Project Managers, Machinists


Aerospace Manufacturer

Revenue $30mm

Credit $250k

Qualifying Activities: CNC Machining, Prototyping, First Run Articles, Quality Assurance 

Qualifying Personnel: Project Managers, Senior Machinists, QA Lead


Job Shop

Revenue $11mm

Credit $130k

Qualifying Activities: Prototyping, First Run Articles, CAD design

Qualifying Personnel: Project Managers, Production Specialists

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