With the explosion of craft brewing, regional wines, and small batch distilling in recent years, R&D activity in the industry is at an all time high. Below is a list of everyday activities that may qualify your company for R&D credits:

- Experimentation with New/Improved Hopping, Fermenting, or Flavoring Techniques

- Developing New Grape Variants

- Inclusion of Novel Ingredients

- Optimizing processes for consistency and scalability

- Pilot / Test Batches

- Integrating Wastewater Management & Recycling Systems

- Implementation of Bottling, Canning, and Kegging Processes


These are case studies that exemplify how the R&D credit can add value to winemaking, distilling, and brewing companies:


National Winery

Revenue $90mm

Federal & State Credit $190k

Qualifying Activities: Evaluation of flavor profiles, inclusion of novel ingredients, improving efficiency in bottling and packaging lines

Qualifying Personnel: Winemaker, Lead Sommelier 

Regional Distillery

Revenue $30mm

Federal Credit $150k

Qualifying Activities: Inclusion of novel ingredients, test/pilot batches, evaluating alternative distilling techniques for production efficiency

Qualifying Personnel: Head Distiller, Production Distillers, Project Manager

Craft Brewery

Revenue $5mm

Federal & State Credit $35k

Qualifying Activities: Optimizing fermentation process, utilization of various yeast strains, development of seasonal offerings, implementation of new labeling processes

Qualifying Personnel: Brewmaster/ Owner, Production Lead

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