Modern agriculture, with the implementation of technology and science, is full of qualifying R&D activity. Some examples of commonly qualifying activity:

- Experimentation with New Methodology to Improve Yields

- Development of Pest, Disease, and Climate Resistant Strains

- Implementation of Lighting and Irrigation Systems

- Genetic Research & Modification

- Incorporation of Wastewater Management and Recycling Systems

These are case studies that exemplify how the R&D credit can add value to ag companies:


Agricultural Co-Op

Revenue $175mm

Federal & State Credit $300k

Qualifying Activities: Implementation of new irrigation systems, genetic experimentation for disease and climate resistance, 

Qualifying Personnel: Agronomists, Agricultural Engineers


Poultry Farm

Revenue $80mm

Federal Credit $50k

Qualifying Activities: Experimenting with feed & lighting regimens to maximize growth and yield, improvement of processing lines for increased efficiency, implementation of new packing conveyor systems

Qualifying Personnel: Process Lead, Engineers, Floor Managers 


Dairy Farm

Revenue $9mm

Federal & State Credit $65k

Qualifying Activities: Experimentation with feed regimens to increase yield, implementation of new processing lines, implementation of new refrigeration and pasteurization systems

Qualifying Personnel: Process Engineers, Foreman

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